How To View Competitors In Google Shopping Campaigns

When Google Adwords launched their new Google Shopping specific campaigns a while back, impression share and benchmark data were added to product group reporting.  Yesterday Google took it one step further and is now providing details on “who” those competitors are, and what type of impression share they have within Google Shopping search for similar products and queries. ... Read More

Google Adsense For Shopping? Or Google Shopping For Adsense?

A few days ago Google made a big announcement regarding the initial launch of Google Adsense for Shopping, or is it really Google Shopping for Adsense? At any rate, this evolution is something I (and of course others) knew had to be somewhere on Google’s road map, it was just a matter of time.  When I ... Read More

WordPress 4.0 Comments Not Working With Thesis 1.8.5

“I felt a great disturbance in Thesis 1.8.5, as if millions of comments suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”  I didn’t realize this catastrophe until I was approving new comments on one of my sites today, and well, they were gone.  If you’re still using Thesis 1.8.5 for a Wodpress site(like this one) and ... Read More

The Panda Diversity Complex

My wheels have been turning on this one for minute now, wondering when inspiration would tip the scale and spill my thoughts onto this digital canvas, so here we go… Back in May the SEO community went berserk over a monumental shift in a particular businesses’ natural search engine rankings, along with dozens of other large websites. There was, and still ... Read More

Why You Should Go To LAUNCH SF, Feb 2014

I’m fortunate to live behind the Redwood curtain in one of the most amazing yet untraveled regions on the planet. However due to a relatively low population and poor bandwidth, there isn’t much in the means of “tech” businesses here. I’m not blessed with water cooler talks at the office with colleagues, and at most ... Read More – A Study Of Controversial Link Baiting

To preface this, I think skiing is rad. I prefer snowboarding, but I definitely don’t have anything against skiing, or skiers in general. With that off my chest, over the past week there’s been a questionable article making daily appearances in my news feed titled “Can Snowboarding Be Saved ?”. For reasons I’ll explain here ... Read More

Six Things I Learned From Google PLAs In 2013

While I’ve been using Google Adwords regularly over the past few years, it wasn’t until last year I got involved working on Product Listing Ads (PLAs) for Google Shopping placements. If you’re at all involved in B2C e-tail, you’ve likely heard some noise about this channel over the past few months, some bad, most of ... Read More

Snowboarders Suing Alta – How It Will Backfire On The Backcountry

One of my most positive life changing events was back in 1997 when I embarked on a quest for snowboarding in Utah, and some college too. Every year between October and June I spent as much time as possible in the Wasatch, each season dedicating a larger percentage of those days to exploring the backcountry. For ... Read More

Wavegarden 2.0, Basque Country Secrets

After taking the surf world by surprise about two years ago with this video, the folks behind the Wavegarden have released a new video featuring their Wavegarden 2.0 design, hidden deep in the heart of Basque Country in Spain.   After almost a decade of iterations, Instant Sport claims to have a patent on the ... Read More