eBay Partner Network Updates Custom Banner

eBay really seems to enjoy making changes to various products during 4th quarter this year. This time is it the eBay Partner Network Custom Banner, and there’s quite a discussion going on over at the eBay Partner Network Blog and eBay Partner Network Forum.

This recent change has caught the attention of a few online resources, including eCommerce Bytes and this unique tutorial from SEOish. If you can locate any versions of the old Custom Banner code online, in many cases it is easy to identify which values in the code need to be adjusted to achieve the desired results.

The good news is that the old versions of custom banner that have been deployed by affiliates still function, although we’re not sure for how long. According to the blog post on the EPN Blog, “At some point next year we will migrate from the current layout to an updated version and will be soliciting feedback from our Publishers”. Maybe they should start a forum discussion now to keep the ideas flowing?

Another feature of note is it appears their new contextual targeting is the default option, which I’m not sure if I’ve seen before. I gave the contextual targeting version a test run and it seemed to think the VW Westfalias I was blogging about were actually Apple Mac Books. However, custom banner will produce very targeted results if you take the tinker with it some and spec out keyword and category options.

At any rate, the ePN Custom Banner is a really sweet tool to easily showcase up to date listings on eBay. For the more advanced user, you can do a string replace with a page title or tag to use as the keyword query in the custom banner code. One of the bigger drawbacks of custom banner is that it is javascript and can slow down the page load time of what otherwise is a very fast loading page. Below is an example of a custom banner I spec’d out for VW Vanagon Westfalias for sale on eBay, price descending.

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