Tech News That Matters To Me – 11/12/12

While some of this is already a couple of weeks old, enough of it has been churning around in my brain that I thought I’d get it out on paper.  Instead of regularly reading thef Tech Crunches & Gizmodos of the word, I’ve found an excellent “zipped” form of tech news that hits my inbox a couple times a week.  It’s called the Launch Ticker and is another product of Jason Calacanis and crew, I’d suggest signing up today.

PriceLine bought Kayak for a zillion dollars.  This is another testament to the value of super lean companies that don’t have to build or ship a physical product to an end user.  Delivering structure from unstructured data is the new black.   Nicely done guys, nicely done.

Kim Dotcom of Mega Upload fame is planning on suing Hollywood and the US federal government and using the funds to provide free high speed internet access to all of New Zealand.

Airbnb is working alongside to help temporarily house those displaced by Sandy, wins all the way around.   However, next generation companies like Fisakr Automotive really took a hit from Sandy’s devastation.  $10 million worth of prototype hybrid plugin cars washed out to sea. 🙁

Mobile App Waze is now dipping their toes in the waters of monetization.  If you live in a big city or have a regular commute, I’d suggest checking this out.  For me and the dozen stoplights in our town, Waze doesn’t offer that much.  Not sure who Waze is? Check out this interview with Di-Ann Eisnor.

In crazy patent land, Apple was granted design patent for “round” corners while Microsoft got one to detect multiple viewers for copyrighted content purposes.

Google & Acer teamed up for some new sleek and cheap Chrome books.  The cloud is closer every day…

Facebook is rumored to soon be releasing their own phone that may or may not be made by HTC.  Would you like Free Wi Fi with that?


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