XCEL 5/4 Powerseam On Sale – $424 w/ Free Shipping & No Sales Tax

XCEL Drylock Powerseam 5/4 Wetsuit On Sale

XCEL Powerseam 5/4 Drylock Wetsuit, Only $424 w/ No Tax & Free Shipping

As I’ve mentioned in previous rants, I love XCEL Wetsuits for Nor Cal cold water surfing (48F – 52F).  I’ve been in the market for a new wetsuit recently, but don’t quite have the funds to pull the trigger yet.  However, if I find the right suit on sale this cyber Monday (tomorrow), I might just put it on a credit card.  I was perusing around today and found what might be the best deal ever at Seaside surf shop.  The new XCEL Powerseam 5/4 is on sale there for $424 (normally $530), with Free Shipping & No Sales Tax.  I love supporting local surf shops when I can, but no one even has these powerseam suits in stock up here on the north coast.  In my defense, I did recently buy new gloves and booties at a local shop.

A few weeks back at a secret mysto spot on the lost coast, I saw one of these suits in person(on person) for the first time.  It was a pretty big day and I didn’t feel like bothering this dude I didn’t know about his suit while we were trying to manage slabby overhead surf on a rocky point break.   I tried to catch him afterwards, but he was long gone.  Today was the first time I’ve seen the XCEL powerseam on sale, let alone in my size.   While it looks a bit Tron-ish with those white seams, I bet it’s an awesomely warm and comfy wetsuit.  I have a feeling I’ll know first hand in a week or two.

3 thoughts on “XCEL 5/4 Powerseam On Sale – $424 w/ Free Shipping & No Sales Tax

  1. good find! I’m going to stretch my current suit for another season but I hope to find a deal like this next year. thanks for the heads up though

  2. Well, another example of how not to do business online. It took Seaside 3 days, one email and two phone calls for them to tell me the suit wasn’t actually available, even though I received two confirmation emails within hours of placing the order. Even after I hung up the phone with them, they still had a full size run available on their site. I love when local shops try to compete with the larger online retailers, but it works against you if you can’t fulfill the order. They did offer me a deal on the regular drylock 5/4, but at this point I’d rather support a local surf shop in Humboldt, as Seaside Surf Shop would have to order from the factory anyhow before even shipping it to me. Guess it wasn’t meant to be.

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