2013 X Games Real Snow Videos Posted This Morning

real_snow_x_games_2013As promised, ESPN’s website posted up all eight of the X Games real snow videos this morning.  Here’s my quick breakdown of these 60 second urban shorts.

Erro Ettala vs. Ethan Deiss – Erro’s part is solid, especially since he’s not even a year out of a knee surgery and lays down the likely the biggest gap to frontboard and gap hardway 270 ever captured.  Steezy clean urban chuck filps onto walls are dope too.  Ethan Deiss logged some hammers this fall too, including a burly nosepress gap out to fifty on a monster wooden kink rail. Sick part, but Erro got my vote on this one.

Jeremy Jones vs. Frank April – Jeremy again gets creative with some springy re-entry stuff and a burly terraced urban step up.  It looks like they used some bungees or bike tires on that fence to get some extra pop, pretty sick.  When I first saw this match up, I was like duh, Jeremy vs. the new guy, this will be easy.  However, I’m going with Frank on this one.  The cab 270 to regs, backside tail slide pretty much sealed the deal for me.  You’ll see…

Louif Paradis vs. Pat Moore – What is it with these Canadian hammers?  Louif hardway cab 270’d to regs the same rail that Frank April got the normal way cab 270 to regs on.   Burly long rail for either of those tricks, and both were bolts.   His handplant slide and ender shot are buttery as well.  Pat Moore’s part is loaded up with speed and a lotta space between him and the ground.  Pat wins.   Nice new Volcom board too.

Dan Brisse vs. Bode Merrill – I’m really lost with each of these parts.  It’s kind of sad they didn’t match them up with other contenders instead, as it would be easy to see Dan and Bode in the finals.  I’m guessing one of them will take the final title this year.  Bode has some creative tricks (the boardslide up two rails thing?what?), but I’m gonna have to vote Dan because somehow his stuff is even bigger than last year…

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