Apple Rumored To Be In Acquisition Talks With Waze

When you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em.  After Apple’s recent map fiasco, Tim Cook and crew have likely discussed a variety of fix it options.  Last month there were rumors of a Foursquare deal, this month’s flavor is a rumored acquisition of crowd powered navigation app Waze.  The first time I heard of Waze was on an episode of TWIST where Jason Calacanis interviewed Di-Ann Eisnor, the VP of platforms and partnerships at Waze.  If you’d like to learn more about Waze, the interview gives a good high level of what they’ve been up to and what their future plans might be.  Location privacy issues aside, I think community powered vehicle navigation has potential to be a huge hit, and it’s a direction Google hasn’t ventured yet.   While I live in a region with very low population density, Waze could be a big help for those trips to unfamiliar metropolises.

3 thoughts on “Apple Rumored To Be In Acquisition Talks With Waze

  1. And after the dust and rumors have settled, the big google takes the prize. This is a monumental move that has significant long term implications. However this acquisition will likely remain under the radar for most. Applying this real time data to google maps would be a massive win for all parties involved. Let’s just hope they don’t screw it up or shut it down. Maybe we’ll see Waze ingested into google plus?

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