King Tide Today On Humboldt Bay

The highest tide of the year is happening today in about an hour.  I’m headed down to take more photos on the water shortly.  There also happens to be a very low tide in the evening as well, with the tide dropping 10ft in about 9 hours.  Here’s a picture of yesterdays tide shift, along ... Read More

New Balance Numeric Skate Shoes

UPDATED 1/8/2013: Hypebeast caught up with Mike West from 686 and got him to fill in some of the details on the New Balance Numeric skate shoes.  Check out the video here and the conversation on Hypebeast here. UPDATED 1/6/12: Sole Collector got some sick pictures of all the new New Balance Numeric skate shoes, and PJ ... Read More

eBay Partner Network Updates Custom Banner

eBay really seems to enjoy making changes to various products during 4th quarter this year. This time is it the eBay Partner Network Custom Banner, and there’s quite a discussion going on over at the eBay Partner Network Blog and eBay Partner Network Forum. This recent change has caught the attention of a few online ... Read More

The Internet American Moratorium Act

The Internet American Moratorim Act is a drafted bill sponsored by Darrell Issa, a Republican Congressman from the 49th district of California, which is basically San Diego and Riverside counties.  Darrell is also the Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  On the surface, the idea of the bill is to prevent federal government interference with ... Read More

XCEL 5/4 Powerseam On Sale – $424 w/ Free Shipping & No Sales Tax

As I’ve mentioned in previous rants, I love XCEL Wetsuits for Nor Cal cold water surfing (48F – 52F).  I’ve been in the market for a new wetsuit recently, but don’t quite have the funds to pull the trigger yet.  However, if I find the right suit on sale this cyber Monday (tomorrow), I might ... Read More

Mint ’85 Westfalia For Sale, Only 38K Miles

UPDATED:  This post for whatever reason continues to receive quite a lot of views.  As far as I know, this Westfalia never sold on eBay.  If you’re looking for other Westy Camper Vans for sale, check out  I found myself looking at so many vans for sale every day, that I decided to start ... Read More

My Favorite Cold Water Wetsuit For Northern California

I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to surf in Northern California for almost a more than decade now, the geographical Nor Cal, not the San Francisco & Santa Cruz Nor Cal.  Aside from the surf being much more fickle when compared to our neighbors to the south, the water is more than chilly all year round, ... Read More

You Know You’re On The Map When… hit a couple of awesome milestones today, one of which was a phone call from Jay Z’s attorney.  According to  Jay Z’s legal counsel, we were listing some shirts that are/were for sale on Hot Topic & eBay that were not authentic merchandise.  So alas, we decide to just delete our Jay Z shirts ... Read More

eBay Deprecating Wildcard Search Functionality

Most successful online retailers have learned to follow the various golden rules of 4th quarter, one of the most important of those being “thou shalt make no drastic site or functionality changes”.  Recently, eBay announced that their user front end search will no longer support wildcards in queries. While likely a very small percentage of “regular” eBay ... Read More

3Taps & Craigslist, Can Facts Be Copyrighted?

On my 6:30am elliptical adventure this morning I queued up another episode of This Week In Startups.    This time it was a recent interview with Greg Kidd, founder of 3Taps, the public data API behind sites like Padmapper, which have come under fire from craigslist in recent weeks.  Can statistics and facts be copyrighted?  According to a ... Read More