Pay Pal Blocks Class Action Lawsuits In New Policy Update

While I realize there are plenty of lawyers taking advantage of class action lawsuits everyday, does a company really have a “right” to deny your involvement in a class action suit if you use their product or service?  Pay Pal seems to think they can play this card, and on November 1st, 2012, their new policy changes ... Read More

Oblong & The Future Digital Interactivity

I finally made it to the gym again this morning and my listening choice was to catch up on new episode This Week In Startups.  Go to YouTube app, search for episodes from this month, pick one, hmmmm,  Oblong sounds like a fun enough name for a startup.  Turns out Oblong is the company behind ... Read More

Blow Holes of Trinidad, CA

One of the first magical places I was taken too upon moving to Humboldt were the various blow holes up in Trinidad. The larger one is easily visible from Trinidad state beach or from the college cove trail. They need a good solid swell to get pumping, at least 12-15ft, and the tides need to ... Read More

My New Corner Of The Interwebs

While I’ve been deeply involved with eCommerce, Internet Marketing & Affiliate Marketing for a decade, I’ve never really had my own personal site or blog.   Earlier this summer I realized that constructing my own personal microcosm on the internet was long overdue. At the very least I needed to find a way to maintain ... Read More