Blow Holes of Trinidad, CA

One of the first magical places I was taken too upon moving to Humboldt were the various blow holes up in Trinidad. The larger one is easily visible from Trinidad state beach or from the college cove trail. They need a good solid swell to get pumping, at least 12-15ft, and the tides need to cooperate as well. There may be other blow holes hidden throughout the land up here, but most are kept a secret, mainly because we don’t want them to get abused, or to have someone get injured.

At any rate, I was going through an old hard drive and found some pictures and videos of the main blowhole on the island and thought I should share them before they got lost forever in my digital archives. The video is of poor quality because it was shot with a Nokia cellphone from 2005. There are some other videos from this same swell out there on the interwebs too, mainly from the state beach side though.

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