Mint ’85 Westfalia For Sale, Only 38K Miles

Mint 1985 VW Westfalia Full Camper w/ 33k Original Miles

UPDATED:  This post for whatever reason continues to receive quite a lot of views.  As far as I know, this Westfalia never sold on eBay.  If you’re looking for other Westy Camper Vans for sale, check out  I found myself looking at so many vans for sale every day, that I decided to start a website about them.

This past spring I purchased by neighbor’s 1986 VW Westfalia Camper after selling my 2011 TDI Sportwagen so I could avoid a hefty car payment for a while.  It was kind of on a whim, as I never really though much about owning one of these.   My neighbor had his for sale, and it appeared in decent working order, and I also knew they took it on occasional long trips.   It’s been the most fun of any vehicle I’ve ever owned, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  After 6 months of ownership, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s highly likely I’ll do whatever it takes to own one of these for the rest of my life.

So, do I continue resorting the rust friendly, 220k mile one I have now?  Or do I sell it and get something that would be easier to restore and hold onto indefinitely?  Over the past few months I’ve kept a pretty good eye on what’s for sale on eBay, Craigslist, The Samba & Auto Trader, but haven’t seen a gem quite like this one yet.  Someone in LA is selling a 1985 Westfalia Camper with 38k original miles, it pretty much looks showroom quality and is well into collectors item status.   The auction currently sites about $8,100 with about 30 hours to go.  I’m guessing this will fetch at least $20k, but who knows, only time (approx 30hrs) will tell…

One thought on “Mint ’85 Westfalia For Sale, Only 38K Miles

  1. that is a beautiful thing. not many cars carry such a dream lifestyle like the westys, though I still fancy myself in a early 90’s red miata listening to Phil Collins sometimes or gunning a Delorean to 88 miles an hour. But the westy is the ultimate. Someone is going to be a happy camper.

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