New Balance Numeric Skate Shoes

New Balance Numeric Skate Shoes

UpArriving June 2013, New Balance Skate Shoes

UPDATED 1/8/2013: Hypebeast caught up with Mike West from 686 and got him to fill in some of the details on the New Balance Numeric skate shoes.  Check out the video here and the conversation on Hypebeast here.

UPDATED 1/6/12: Sole Collector got some sick pictures of all the new New Balance Numeric skate shoes, and PJ Ladd is on board with New Balance.  There’s also a write up at the ever so awesome Boardistan as well as Kicks On Fire.


UPDATED 12/20/12:  Complex got a hold of a picture of the new New Balance Numeric 891 Skate Shoe and propagates the rumor than PJ Ladd has jumped on board with this project.  After PJ’s longtime shoe sponsor eS closed up shop recently, PJ moved over the Adidias skate team, at least for now.  The New Balance headquarters is also pretty close to PJ’s Beantown roots. hmmm…

ORIGINAL POST 12/10/12: Just moments ago I was in the middle of a “check the pulse of web for a minute break” when I stumbled on this gem on TWS.  I’ve been waiting for this one an eternity now, in fact I was actually pondering it the other day. New Balance started making snowboard boots with 686 a few years ago, what has kept New Balance away from making skate shoes? Meet New Balance Numeric skate shoes, well, you can’t actually meet them yet, but there is a press release on the site that provides the scoop, no pictures yet.  New Balance is partnering with Black Box Distribution and they’ll debut at the Agenda Show in Long Beach next month with a first ship date in June 2013.  I wonder what will happen to Fallen? Either way, it sounds like “The Chief” is stoked, so I’m stoked.

Because skaters generally only wear skate shoes(or shoes from skate brands), I’m guessing most of them have ever had the pleasure of walking around in a pair of New Balances for a few days.  Ever since my sweetheart Abigail introduced me to proper fitting New Balance shoes, I can’t wear skate shoes unless I’m actually going skating. However good a pair of those astronaut foam Kostons might be, I still can’t bring myself to wear a pair of Nike skate shoes. New Balance, please create a another skate shoe with a running toe like Lakai used to make? Pretty please? Thanks.

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