Red Bull Ultra Natural Videos, Photos & Words

Red Bull Ultra Natural VideosSo my streams were blowing up “Gigi” this morning, after I had forgotten Travis Rice’s Red Bull Ultra Natural contest was this past weekend.  While many video clips quickly emerged after last year’s Red Bull Super Natural, actual footage of this year’s runs appear to have been kept under lock and key(until about 4pm PST when I found a video of Gigi’s winning run below).   In my opinion, they should have gone the extra mile like the Berrics Battles, and kept the results secret until the contest actually airs March 30th on NBC at 10:30 PST.  Aside from adding more features and madness to the “Scary Cherry” slope at Baldface, this year’s format was a best of 2 runs, with no finals. At any rate, there are a handful of photo galleries and video footage from this years event and I’m going to do my best to log them all below.  So here we go…

Red Bull Ultra Natural Videos

Gigi Ruf Winning Run w/ Heavy Metal – Red Bull YouTube Channel

Nicolas Muller 2nd Place Run – Red Bull YouTube Channel

Bryan Fox 3rd Place Run – Red Bull YouTube Channel

Official Red Bull Ultra Natural News Video – Red Bull Content Pool

Gigi Ruf Winning Run & Interview w/ John Jackson

BNQT Gigi Ruf Interview

Axe Throwing Video on Red Bull site

Ultra Natural Course Inspection Video on Daily Motion

Ultra Natural Weather Safety Video on MORPA


Red Bull Ultra Natural Words & Pictures

Ultra Natural Twitter Hashtag #UltraNatural

SnowboarderMag Words & Photos by Pat Bridges & Ryan “Huggy” Hughes

Transworld Snowboarding Down Days Photos by Scott Serfas

Transworld Snowboarding Contest Day Photos by Nick Hamilton

Red Bull Gigi Wins Words & Photos by Tyler Davis, Scott Serfas & Tim Zimmerman

Red Bull Official Photo Gallery by Tim Zimmerman

ESPN Words & Photos by Melissa Larsen

Whitelines / MORPA Words & Photos


Red Bull Ultra Natural Results

1. Gigi Rüf 82.6 72.4

2. Nicolas Müller 76.4 71.4

3. Bryan Fox 44.6 75.4

4. Terje Haakonsen 66.2 60.2

5. David Carrier-Porcheron 62.2 39.2

6. Mark McMorris 61.6 45.4

7. Eero Niemela 61.0 34.0

8. Pat Moore 59.0 38.0

9.  Lucas Debari 57.2 53.0

10. Travis Rice 56.2 49.2

11. Jussi Oksanen 27.8 55.4

12. Bode Merrill 48.8 45.2

13. Jake Blauvelt 46.8 48.0

14. Wolfgang Nyvelt 45.6 42.8

15. Torstein Horgmo 32.6 44.8

16. Mikey Rencz 39.6 40.0

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