Tactus Technology Touch Screens

A few years back I had the pleasure of actually attending the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas.  One of the biggest innovations at the time was all the cool 3D stuff.  Actually seeing yourself in 3D and the glass free 3D TVs were probably my favorites from that year.  This year’s CES is of course loaded with even more imagination and dreamy creativity.  So far I haven’t read into too much of what was new, however their is something that came across in my stream the other day that just below my mind.  The Tactus Technology Touch Screen actually debuted on YouTube earlier last year, but hasn’t really gotten mainstream coverage until this weeks CES when attendees actually got to play with the Tactus devices. This tech just looks so future. Check out the videos below.

Tactus Technology – CES 2013 from Tactus Technology Inc. on Vimeo.

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