The Panda Diversity Complex

My wheels have been turning on this one for minute now, wondering when inspiration would tip the scale and spill my thoughts onto this digital canvas, so here we go… Back in May the SEO community went berserk over a monumental shift in a particular businesses’ natural search engine rankings, along with dozens of other large websites. There was, and still […]

Google Adsense For Shopping? Or Google Shopping For Adsense?

A few days ago Google made a big announcement regarding the initial launch of Google Adsense for Shopping, or is it really Google Shopping for Adsense? At any rate, this evolution is something I (and of course others) knew had to be somewhere on Google’s road map, it was just a matter of time.  When I […] – A Study Of Controversial Link Baiting

To preface this, I think skiing is rad. I prefer snowboarding, but I definitely don’t have anything against skiing, or skiers in general. With that off my chest, over the past week there’s been a questionable article making daily appearances in my news feed titled “Can Snowboarding Be Saved ?”. For reasons I’ll explain here […]

Snowboarders Suing Alta – How It Will Backfire On The Backcountry

One of my most positive life changing events was back in 1997 when I embarked on a quest for snowboarding in Utah, and some college too. Every year between October and June I spent as much time as possible in the Wasatch, each season dedicating a larger percentage of those days to exploring the backcountry. For […]

Humboldt Bay King Tide High & Low Photos

The “King Tide”, or highest tide of the year was yesterday and aside from it being a little chilly, we had calm winds and sun which made for some easy photography.  I took some photos of the high tide around 10:45am, then came back just after sunset to shoot the lowest tide I could before […]

My Favorite Cold Water Wetsuit For Northern California

My Favorite Cold Water Wetsuit For Northern California TLDR: Due to the recent shortage of wetsuits on the market, it’s probably a good idea to go buy this before before they’re gone. (12/21/20)I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to surf in Northern California for almost a more than decade now, the geographical Nor Cal, not the […]